Minimum requirement

Before registering for the REA course

  1. Be at least 21 years old
  2. Singaporean or SPR (If you are a Non-SPR Foreigner with or without employment pass click here)
  3. Possess one of the following Singapore Qualifications mentioned below (for immediate registration, does Not require assessment):
    • ITE Higher Nitec / Master Nitec or
    • 4 GCE ‘O’ level subject passes in two sittings (C6 & above) or
    • 4 GCE ‘A’ level subjects taken in two sittings or
    • Diplomas from the LOCAL* polytechnics *(NYP, NP, SP, TP, RP) or
    • Degrees from the LOCAL* universities *(NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SUSS, SIT).
    • WPLN (Must attain Level 5 – Level 8 for all 5 assessments: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and NumeracyClick here for WPLN Centre to book tests

Those who fall under this category, please informed that you need to get your qualification approved by CEA before you register for the course.

Important Notice:
Please be informed that attending the REA Course and passing the RES Examination does not automatically qualify an individual to be a real estate salesperson. The applicant must comply with the full registration requirements stipulated under the Estate Agents Act, which include meeting the fit & proper criteria. Please check the complete list of registration criteria on CEA’s website at before registering for the RES Course. “For foreigners who wish to register with CEA as salespersons, they will need to have a valid Employment Pass (EP) issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to work in the real estate agency industry. They should consult an estate agent that is prepared to support their future registration application, who would then check with CEA. Thereafter, when they register for the RES Course, they will need to produce a letter of support from the estate agent.”

Minimum requirement

Foreign Qualification

PRIVATE or FOREIGN QUALIFICATIONS (high school or college certs, diplomas, degrees etc) will need to have their qualifications assessed by CEA for purpose of determining whether the educational qualification requirement is met.



  1. Private or Foreign qualifications (high school or college certs, diploma, degree etc)
  2. Academic transcript with full listing of subjects taken with grades indicated
  3. Official explanatory notes with grading system (for foreign High school/College)
  4. Translated copies (If medium used is non-English, you may approach your country’s Embassy in Singapore to assist in translation)



Qualification is in foreign language?
Please approach your country’s embassy in Singapore to get your qualification translated to English. The certificates with subjects displaying the grades attained, must be in English.


Qualification without transcript (s)?
We will advise you to approach your University to provide a transcript of the subjects you had taken in the course of your studies regardless Pre-college certs, Diploma or Degree etc. All documents should be in English.


How to submit your assessment?
Please contact The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) on the procedures for submission procedure.


How long will it take for CEA to assess your Qualification?
Usually it takes 15 or more working days (excludes Sat,Sun & PH). CEA will email you directly with the results of the assessment. During this period if you have further clarifications please call CEA directly  1800 643 2555


What to do next after you get your approval?
Please do an online registration for the REA course and SPRs submit your CEA approval email to us. Non SPRs Foreigners will need to submit the Support Letter & CEA approval email when registering for the REA course.

Download CEA Assessment Form

Minimum requirement

Foreigner with employment pass

Foreigner with or without Employment Pass must:

  1. Be at least 21 years old
  2. Ensure he/she gets the necessary Support Letter from Real Estate Agency & approval from CEA.


Step 1
Proceed to an Real Estate Agency of your choice and check if the agency is willing to apply for employment pass for you.


Step 2
Agency will require to do a declaration of your background and will provide your information to CEA for clearance.


Step 3
After getting the clearance for CEA pre-course approval, Submit your foreign /private qualification with transcripts and CEA application form to CEA. Pls contact CEA for  detailed procedure for submission.


Step 4
Upon receiving your CEA assessment Qualification email approval, you may proceed to register for the REA course. You must provide the Agency Support Letter & CEA Assessment approval email when you register for the REA course.