Complete your 6 CPD credits for CPD Cycle early with SEAA CPD bundle courses at discounted rates.

Each bundle consists of 2 Professional and 1 Generic CPD course conducted via Zoom Platform. Upon completion of all three topics, you can fulfill the new CPD training requirement under the new 4P and 2G CPD Guidelines.

For SEAA’s individual CPD courses, please visit our course listing page.


Course Fee

SEAA Member: $95.00 (incl GST)

Non-Member: $125.00 (incl GST)


Course Schedule

June 2024 Bundle 1 – Register HERE 


June 2024 Bundle 2 – Register HERE


June 2024 Bundle 3 – Register HERE


June 2024 Bundle 4 – Register HERE


Important: If you are attending the Zoom meeting on your mobile devices, please download the Zoom app via Apple Store (for Apple) or Play Store (for Android). If you are viewing the class on a desktop or laptop, it is encouraged to download the app/software (optional) as you can view the class via your default internet browser.

Some of the pointers to take note on the conduct of online-learning courses: –

  • Participants are required to turn on their video cameras throughout the online course, showing their entire faces in real-time with their full names displayed until the trainer/speaker has ended the session. Attendance by participants who fail to do so will not be recognized by the CPD course providers and will not be accorded with CPD credits.
  • Participants are will be required to register themselves with their particulars (Name, CEA registration number, etc) before entering the online learning course, please ensure that your details are accurate as the attendance is tracked.
  • Similar to face-to-face CPD courses, please note that attendance will be tracked the moment you enter the online-learning CPD. In line with requirements by CEA, you are required to stay throughout the course until the trainer has ended the session. If for any reason you are disconnected from the course, please re-join the course again with the provided Zoom invite.
  • You will be granted a grace period of 15 minutes to be present on the online learning course after the course has started, failure to do so will have you marked as ABSENT.
  • After completing the online learning course, an e-certificate of attendance will be issued to you within 1-5 working days. For Professional CPD courses, attendance will be submitted to the CEA Portal. For Generic CPD courses, please kindly forward the e-certificate to your estate agent as they will require KEO’s approval to have your CPD credits accorded.

Terms & Conditions

  • The CPD activities in each bundle are NOT transferable.
  • Once the courses are confirmed, participants are NOT allowed to cancel/reschedule their courses.
  • SEAA reserves the right to cancel the course(s) or reschedule course dates and change venue and will endeavor to give the Participant as much advance notice as possible of any changes. SEAA will provide a full refund of the Course Fees in the event of a cancellation, or if the Participant is unable to attend the CPD activity on the rescheduled date.