RES/REA Course Terms and Conditions

1. Admission Criteria
a) Applicant must be at least 21 years old.

b) Possess a minimum qualification of Higher Nitec or 4 GCE ‘O’ levels passes in two (2) sittings or Diplomas from the local polytechnics (NYP, NP, SP, TP, RP) and degrees from the local universities (NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SUSS, SIT). Individuals who are unable to meet these criteria will be required to take the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) assessment administered by WDA. WPLN (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Numeracy) Level 5 will be recognised in lieu of 4 GCE “O” level passes. Applicants with private or foreign diplomas/degrees need to get their qualifications approved by CEA. How to submit qualification to CEA for assessment
Details of the assessment submission can be found:

c) Photocopy of  NRIC front and back for verification and submission to CEA & SSG.
d) Applications will be processed on a 1st-come-1st-serve basis. Registration will close before the closing date if intake is fully booked.
e) All applications for the course are to be submitted with Online Application Form with attached qualification. A copy of NRIC (front and back) will be collected after payment is made and if your qualification had met the CEA’s RES course/exam requirements. We do not accept photocopied qualification. For those who apply online, scanned copies of the NRIC (front and back) and high resolution of the softcopy qualification are accepted. Those who have submitted photocopies will need to bring the original certs on the first day of lesson for our verification. Incomplete application forms, without the necessary documents and/or without the course fee shall be rejected..

f) Important Notice: Please be informed that attending the RES/REA Course and passing the RES/REA Examination do not automatically qualify an individual to be a real estate salesperson. The applicant has to comply with the full registration requirements stipulated under the Estate Agents Act, which include meeting the fit & proper criteria. Please check the complete list of registration criteria on CEA’s website at (RES)  (REA) before registering for the RES/REA Course. 

“For foreigners who wish to register with CEA as salespersons, they will need to have a valid Employment Pass (EP) issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to work in the real estate agency industry. They should consult an estate agent that is prepared to support their future registration application, who would then check with CEA. Thereafter, when they register for the RES/REA Course, they will need to produce a letter of support from the estate agent.”

2. Copyright & Prohibition on Recording
It is acknowledged by the course applicant that all RES/REA course materials provided remain always the intellectual property of SEAA unless otherwise stated. No part of the RES/REA course materials shall be reproduced without permission in any form. Audio and/or video recordings of the lectures are strictly prohibited.

3. SEAA’s Special Promotions
SEAA reserves the rights to change the promotions without prior notice and reject the promotion offer to applicants if they do not meet our terms & conditions or the minimum criteria prior the registration of the RES/REA course.

a)For buddy promotion, both applicant must register within the same day to enjoy the promotion rate. Each applicant will be required to have met the CEA’s & SSG res course minimum requirement at the point of registration. The RES/REA promotion price is only valid if the payment is made in person at our office during our business hours, where minimum two students or group registration must make payment together via Cash/Nets/Internet Banking Transfer only. Strictly no credit card online payment is accepted for the promotional price. 

b)Free REC lesson provided in our early bird promotion is on a first come first serve basis, upon successful payment made for the RES/REA course subject to SEAA’s terms & conditions. The free lesson is either for Paper 1 or Paper 2 and it will be decided by SEAA. We will not entertain requests to swap papers and it is non-transferable.

c) RES/REA course fee includes GST 8% or WEF to newer GST rates according to the Singapore Government tax rates.

4. SEAA Membership
Student Membership is complimentary up to two years of taking the RES/REA course with SEAA.

5. Certificate of Completion
You are required to fulfill a minimum of 75% attendance (14 Lessons)  in order to attain the Certificate of Completion. Certificate will only be awarded from the last day of lesson, within 5 working days upon course completion. You are required to sign your attendance at the beginning and at the end of the class. For Zoom online lessons, you will be required to turn on your camera through out the lesson to capture your face for attendance taking and your image will be video recorded as evidence of your attendance for each lesson. You will not be able to sign your attendance if you are more than 15 MINUTES late and for students that login late, leave early for zoom lessons or missing from lesson in between, will also be considered as ABSENT. This “15 MINUTE” rule will also apply if you return late from breaks or leave early before lesson ends. In the aforesaid situations, you will be marked as ABSENT. The Certificate of Completion  is valid for two years from the date the course ends.

6. Course Changes
SEAA reserves the right to change or make any amendments to the dates / venue / lecturers for the course without any prior notice. A full refund will be made in the event of course cancellation by SEAA. SEAA will take the necessary actions to notify the course participants in reasonable time to inform of the changes or cancellation of intakes. In instances of deferment due to changes in the schedule by SEAA, the affected applicant is given 4 months to join another later intake and to complete it. Thereafter, if applicant “no-show” or no response, we will consider that the applicant had withdrawn from the course and the course fee will be forfeited.

7. Course Notes
Course Online intakes will receive free online softcopy notes that will be valid for download within 2 months from course start date. After the expiry of 2 months validity period, any request for softcopy notes will be charged at $55. Students who prefer hardcopy notes can purchase at SEAA office @$55. Classroom intakes will receive free hardcopy notes on first lesson. Ad-hoc requests for online notes will be charged @$55 per person. After the RES course ends regardless Online or Classroom intake, any requests for updated notes (softcopy/hardcopy) or to download notes again will be charged @$55 per person.

8. Replacement Lessons & Deferment of the course
Requests for replacement lessons are not allowed. If you are requesting for replacement lessons that fall under these circumstances as mentioned below, you will need to provide documents to SEAA, such as, Medical Certificate, Hospitalisation Letter, Death Notice, NS letter etc.

Deferment of the RES course will be given 6 months grace period from the last date of our approved email to you. The course must be completed within 6 months.

No refund will be given if you had attended the course halfway and the listed situation below occurs.

No refund will be given if the course has not started the 1st lesson yet and the situation below occurs.

No refund will be given after your have successfully deferred your course to a later date by SEAA but you had changed your mind later and do not want to proceed with the course thereafter. It would be considered that you have voluntarily withdrawn from the course (Refer to the SEAA refund policy for details.)

a. Bereavement of spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent or grandchild

b. Hospitalisation in the course duration

c. Accident occurring on the day of the course

d. National Service duties 

Refund will be subject to an admin fee of $100, please refer to the table below. The refund will be paid via internet banking transfer or cheque, it takes 2-3 weeks for the transaction to be processed. SEAA allows you to transfer to another intake (within 6 months) or find a replacement to take your over your place in the intake without any admin charge, however, subjected to the person meeting the CEA’s minimum entry requirements and Skillsfuture credits eligibility for claim. Skillsfuture credits are non-transferrable between individuals and the individual replacing you may need to pay the course fee accordingly.

SEAA Refund Policy   
SEAA cancels course
      Full Refund by SEAA.

Participant withdraws from the course 14 working days before course commencement date. Required to write-in to for refund.
a. Payment made by Cash or Nets, Internet Banking (Full Refund by SEAA, no admin fee is charged).
b. Payment made via Paypal (Refund amount will be after the deduction of service charge incurred from Paypal platform). 
Participant withdraws from the course within 7 working days before course commencement date. Required to write-in to for refund. a. Payment made by Cash or Nets (Refund amount will be subject to SEAA admin processing fee of $100).
b. Payment made via Paypal (Refund amount will be after deduction of service charge incurred from Paypal and SEAA admin processing fee of $100).
Participant withdraws from course on the first day of lesson onwards or no-show on first lesson onwards.
No Refund provided.

10. Personal Data Protection Policy
Your personal data may be used in accordance with the terms of SEAA’s privacy and data protection policy found at SEAA reserves the rights to withdraw and/or alter them without prior notice, and further acknowledge that part of your student associate membership benefits is receipt of updates (including of upcoming courses, trade shows and events) and marketing materials from SEAA and its partners, vendors and affiliates of promotions and activities approved by SEAA.  You may withdraw your consent to receipt of any of the aforesaid by contacting the Data Protection Officer of SEAA via email

In order to deliver the services requested by course participants, SEAA will collect and use personally identifiable information including name, NRIC number or other identification number, email address, address, telephone number, DOB, job designation, company, screenshots of participants for online lessons attendance taking, video recordings of students and where necessary, the educational history to the various governing authorities for audit checks and verification purposes. We will, where required to by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) & the Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) or directed by course participants, disclose to the CEA & SSG such personally identifiable information for the purposes of, and incidental to the course participants’ receipt of services, updating course participants’ attendance, academic and/or certification records, Skillsfuture credits with the SSG & CEA.