Foreigner with or without Employment Pass must:
 a  Be at least 21 years old
 b  Ensure he/she gets the necessary Support Letter from Real Estate Agency & pre-course approval from CEA.(The Council for Estate Agencies, the governing authority for the real estate industry)


Step 1
Proceed to an Real Estate Agency of your choice  and check if the agency is willing to apply for employment pass for you.

Step 2
 Agency will be required to do a declaration of your background and will provide your information to CEA for clearance

Step 3
CEA will contact the agency with the clearance with pre-approval to register for the RES course, thereafter the Agency will issue a  Support Letter to you. 

Step 4 
Submit your foreign qualification to CEA. Applicants are required to attach their academic certificates, transcript, supporting documents and the attached qualification assessment request form in their application and email to  Please contact The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) if you have further queries. 

Step 5
Upon receiving your CEA assessment Qualification email approval, you may proceed to register for the RES course. You must provide the Agency Support Letter & CEA Assessment approval email when you register for the RES course.