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Award Entitlements

You may apply for multiple award categories as long as you fit into the eligibility criteria.

Your award titles and entitlements at a glance:

Outstanding Youths Award
Rookies Award
Senior Achievers Award
Salespersons Achievement Award

The application fee for each award category is $388.

Entitlements for each category:
♦Award published on CEA’s public register*
♦1 ticket to the award ceremony
♦Award plaque
♦Award certificate
♦Award collar pin
♦Usage of award logo on marketing collaterals
♦Personal profiling on SEAA website awards page (your photo & title), Facebook, LinkedIn and print media

*CEA only publishes the two most recent years of awards. I.e. after 16 Aug 2024, the public register will refresh to only feature awardees of EA2023 and EA2024.