Continuing Professional Development

CPD Courses

Why choose CPD activities conducted by SEAA?

SEAA offers a wide variety of CPD courses to cater to every salesperson’s needs and interests. Equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills and learn from our professional trainers in the industry.

  • A wide selection of activities that impart relevantly and updated knowledge and skills
  • Qualified, experienced trainers
  • Comprehensive notes
  • Conducive and comfortable training facilities
  • Preferred rates for SEAA members

CPD Requirement

The Council for Estate Agencies is implementing a new CPD Framework with effect from 1st October 2019.

With effect from the 2019/2020 CPD cycle, i.e. from 1 October 2019 onwards, KEOs, practicing directors/partners and salespersons are required to fulfil: –

  • 4 CPD credits under the Professional Competencies
  • 2 CPD credits under the from Generic Competencies

CPD courses under Professional Competencies (previously referred to as Core course) provide salespersons opportunities to develop and deepen their knowledge in estate agency work.

With the new CPD Framework, all salesperson are also required to attend a CPD course under Generic Competencies (previously referred to as Non-core course) which will contribute towards salespersons’ overall personal development and sharpen their soft skills. There are 18 categories under this Generic competency: including those on leadership, digital literacy, communication, and creative thinking.

You may refer to CEA’s website for more information on the New CPD Framework.


CPD Registration FAQ

Important: If you are attending the Zoom meeting on your mobile devices, please download the Zoom app via Apple Store (for Apple) or Play Store (for Android). If you are viewing the class on a desktop or laptop, it is encouraged to download the app/software (optional) as you can view the class via your default internet browser.

Some of the pointers to take note on the conduct of online-learning courses: –


  1. For registered real estate salespersons, please note that the webinar URL link which you have received is unique, embedded with your registration details which will be used to verify your attendance for the awarding of CPD credits. Your attendance is automatically recorded once you have logged in to the session with the URL that was sent to your registered email.
  2. Similar to face-to-face CPD courses, please note that attendance will be tracked the moment you enter the online-learning CPD. In line with requirements by CEA, you are required to stay throughout the course until the trainer has ended the session. If for any reason you are disconnected from the course, please re-join the course again with the same URL provided.
  3. If you encounter any issues accessing the class on the day of the course, please email or contact SEAA @ 6702 1602, and our staff will respond to you soonest.
  4. You will be granted a grace period of 15 minutes to be present on the online-learning course after the course has started, failure to do so will have you marked as absent.
  5. After completing the online-learning course, an e-certificate of attendance will be issued to you within 1-5 working days. For Professional CPD courses, attendance will be submitted to the CEA Portal. For Generic CPD courses, please kindly forward the e-certificate to your estate agent as they will require KEO’s approval to have your CPD credits accorded.