NoActivity TitleActivity TypeLevelDurationUTAP Claimable
1C1L1S0018: Professional Duties & Competence of Real Estate Salespersons (PDCS)213 hoursTrue
2C1L1S0285: Disclosure of Interests and Issues Relating to Conflict of Interest (DCONF)21Half dayTrue
3C1L1S0771: Real Estate Industry Leaders (REIL) Forum 201921False
4C1L2S0289: Estate Agents Act & Regulations - Level 2 (EAAR2)223 hoursTrue
5C1L2S0342: Code of Practice for Estate Agents (CPEA)223 hoursFalse
6C2L1S0059: Essential Knowledge of Policies Covering Residential Marketing (Completed/Uncompleted) (PCRM)213 hoursTrue
7C2L1S0068: Foundations of Understanding HDB Resale Policies and Financing Schemes (RPFS) 213 hoursTrue
8C2L1S0102: Industrial Properties - Regulations, Roles & Responsibilities of the Salesperson (INDP) 213 hoursTrue
9C2L1S0112: Landed Properties - What Every Salesperson Should Know (LPSSK) 213 hoursTrue
10C2L1S0131: Option to Purchase - Understanding Its Proper Use (OTPU) 213 hoursTrue
11C2L1S0150: Residential Leasing - Legal and Professional Responsibilities (RLLR)213 hoursTrue
12C2L1S0154: Retail Space Leasing (RSL)213 hoursTrue
13C2L1S0166: Tenancy Agreement - Understanding Its Proper Use (TAPU)213 hoursTrue
14C2L1S0170: The Laws Relating to Real Estate Salesperson in Singapore (LRES)213 hoursTrue
15C2L1S0172: The New Personal Data Protection Act & What It Means to the Real Estate Industry - For Salespersons (PDPA-SPs)213 hoursTrue
16C2L1S0187: Understanding MAS Notice 645 on Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) Framework 213 HoursTrue
17C2L1S0284 : Contractual & Tortious Responsibilities – Avoiding Misrepresentation and Negligence (CTRS)213 hoursTrue
18C2L1S0568: Valuation at the Heart of Estate Agency Work (VEAW)213 hoursFalse
19C2L1S0609: Introductory to Green Buildings in Singapore (IGBS)213 hoursFalse
20C2L2S0065: Evaluation of Sites for Development (ESD)223 hoursTrue
21C2L2S0119: Lease of Office Properties (LOOP) 223 hoursTrue
22C2L2S0122: Leasing of Industrial Properties for Professional Salespersons (LOIP)223 hoursTrue
23C2L2S0167: The Boundary between Non-Taxable Capital Gains and Taxable Trading Gains (CGTG) 223 hoursTrue
24C2L2S0215: What every Salesperson Needs to Know about Land Titles and Other Related Acts (LTRA)223 hoursTrue
25C2L2S0282: The New Master Plan & Its Impact on the Real Estate Market (MPREM)223 hoursTrue
26C2L2S0515: Introduction to REITS in Singapore - Implications for Property Agents and Property Investors (REIT)223 hoursFalse
27C2L3S0034: Appreciating the Importance of the Law Society of Singapore's Conditions of Sale (LSSC)233 hoursTrue
28C2L3S0055: Elements of Conveyancing Practice (GSP173)636 Evening SessionsFalse
29C3/L3: National Real Estate Congress 201423True
30C3L1S0226: Advertising Guidelines for Estate Agents & Salespersons (CADV)213 HoursTrue
31C3L1S0608: SEAA-SGBC Seminar: The Rise of Green Buildings and Its Impact on Real Estate Salespersons213 hrsFalse
32C3L1S0768: Singapore Real Estate Conference [Moving Forward Together]213 hoursFalse
33C3L2S0567: WSQ Secure Prospect Commitment432 Full daysFalse
34C3L3S0224: KEO Series 1 - Professional Indemnity & Dispute Resolution Schemes233 hoursFalse
35C3L3S0246: How to Handle Complaints & Dispute Resolution (HCDR) 233 hoursTrue
36Certificate Course in Marketing of Commercial Properties Intake 10F on 9, 11 and 13 Jan235 Modules + AssessmentTrue
37CPD April 2019 Bundle 12True
38CPD April 2019 Bundle 12True
39CPD April 2019 Bundle 22False
40CPD August 2019 Bundle 12True
41CPD August 2019 Bundle 22True
42CPD August 2019 Bundle 32True
43CPD August 2019 Bundle 42True
44CPD August 2019 Bundle 52False
45CPD Bundle 2019 (Top-Up)2True
46CPD Feb 2020 Bundle 12False
47CPD Feb 2020 Bundle 22False
48CPD July 2019 Bundle 12True
49CPD July 2019 Bundle 22True
50CPD July 2019 Bundle 32False
51CPD July 2019 Bundle 42True
52CPD June 2019 Bundle 12True
53CPD June 2019 Bundle 22True
CPD Mar 2020 Bundle 1
CPD Mar 2020 Bundle 2
56CPD May 2019 Bundle 12False
57CPD May 2019 Bundle 22True
58CPD September 2019 Bundle 12True
59CPD September 2019 Bundle 22False
60CPD September 2019 Bundle 32False
61CPD September 2019 Bundle 42True
62Cyber Threats to Real Estate Agents213 hoursFalse
63December 2017 CPD Bundle 123 separate Core CPD coursesFalse
64March 2019 CPD Bundle 12False
65March 2019 CPD Bundle 22True
Need to Refund
67November 2019 CPD Bundle2False
68P101S0561 - Estate Agents Act & Regulations - Core Concerns & Challenges (EAACC)2-3 hoursTrue
69P102S0235 - Different Methods of Resolving Disputes and Complaints to CEA (DMRDC)2-3 hoursTrue
70P103S0273 - Understanding the Practice Guidelines on Professional Service Manual (PSM)2-3 hoursTrue
71P103S0356 - Practice Guidelines on Conduct Between Salespersons (CBSP)2-3 hoursTrue
P103S0544 - Prevention of Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (PMLC)
2-3 hoursTrue
73P103S0575 - Professional Duties and Ethical Responsibilities of Real Estate Salespersons (PDRS)2-3 hoursTrue
74P103S0624 - Disclosure Not Enough for Conflict of Interest (DCOI)2-3 hoursTrue
75P103S0675 - E-Learning: Practice Guidelines on Conduct Between Salespersons (ECBSP)2-2 hoursTrue
P105S0049 - CPF Policies that All Salespersons should know (CPFP) *SAMP Module 3
213 hoursTrue
77P105S0777: CPF Policies which can impact property purchase (CPFIP)21False
78P106S0052 - Basic Understanding on the Different Ways of Transferring Ownership of Property (Alienation of Title) (DWTO)213 hoursTrue
P106S0559 Popular or Proper Understanding & Use of Tenancy Transaction Documents (PPTD)
213 hoursTrue
80P106S0560 Popular or Proper Understanding & Use of Sale & Purchase Transaction Documents including Option to Purchase (PPOTP)2-3 hoursTrue
81P106S0562 Basics of Contract & Tort Laws to Avoid Misrepresentation and Negligence (BCT)2-3 hoursTrue
82P106S0729 - Salesperson’s role in Disputes arising from Tenancy Agreement (SDTA)2-3 hoursFalse
83P107S0042 - Common Legal Pitfalls Faced by Real Estate Salespersons (CLPF)213 HoursTrue
84P107S0755 - Strata Estate Management Fundamentals (SEMF)2-False
85P201S0012 - Ethical Responsibilities of Real Estate Salespersons in HDB Resale & Rental Transactions (HDBRE)2-3 hoursTrue
86P202S0040 - Collective Sale - Commonly known as En Bloc Sale (CS)213 hoursTrue
87P204S0159 - Sale of Commercial Properties (SOCP)223 hoursTrue
P204S0509 - Certificate Course in Marketing of Commercial Properties
6-5 Modules + AssessmentTrue
P204S0789: Property Leases: Understanding the practice and application (PLU)
90P207S0637 - Business Space & Industrial Properties Leasing (BSIP)2-3 hoursTrue
P208S0228 - Sale of Foreign Properties - What Every Salesperson Should Know (SOFP)
2-3 hoursTrue
92P208S0546 - Marketing Foreign Properties in Singapore (MFPS)2-3 hoursTrue
93P209S0784: Understanding Corporate Real Estate Requirements and its Impact on Commercial Properties (CRE)223 hoursFalse
94P305S0626 Green Office Buildings - Essentials for Real Estate Salesperson (GOB)2-3 hoursTrue
95P307S0581 - A Guide to Master Plan & Future Development of Singapore (MPFD)2-3 hoursTrue
P311S0144 - Property Tax Issues that Every Salesperson Should Know (PTI) *SAMP Module 2
213 hoursTrue
97P311S0165 - Singapore Property Financing Framework (SPFF) *SAMP Module 12-2 HoursTrue
P311S0894 - Understanding Basics of Investment in Real Estate (UBRE)
2-3 hoursFalse
99P313S0639 - Industrial REITS: Leasing & Investment transactions for Salesperson (IREITS)2-3 hoursTrue
100P314S0567 - WSQ Secure Prospect and Commitment212 full daysFalse
Pending for reschedule
102Reassessment: Certificate in Marketing of Commercial Properties2False
103Registration to VOID2False
104Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course23 separate Core CPD modules with assessmentTrue
105Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course - Assessment Fee2-False
106Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 10 and 11 June 20192True
107Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 13 and 14 September 20182True
108Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 17 and 18 January 201823 separate Core CPD modules with assessmentTrue
109Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 22 and 23 August 201723 separate Core CPD modules with assessmentTrue
110Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 24 and 25 April 201923 separate Core CPD modules with assessmentTrue
111Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 24 and 25 February 20202True
112Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 25 and 26 July 20192True
113Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 29 and 30 August 20192True
114Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 30 and 31 October 20192True
115Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) Course on 7 and 8 March 201823 separate Core CPD modules with assessmentTrue