Foreigners with or without EP




       Foreigner with or without Employment Pass must:
  Be at least 21 years old

  Ensure he/she gets the necessary Support Letter from Real Estate Agency & approval from CEA.

  Step 1
  Proceed to an Real Estate Agency and check if the agency is willing to apply for employment pass for you.

  Step 2
  Agency will require to do a declaration of your background and will provide your information to CEA for clearance  

  Step 3
  CEA will contact the agency with the approval to register for the RES course, thereafter the Agency will issue a
  Support Letter to you.

  Step 4 
  Bring along your CEA's approval email and Support Letter to apply for the CEA's assessment of qualification
  at our office. Click here for more information

  Step 5
  Upon receiving your CEA assessment Qualification email approval, you may proceed to register for the RES 
  course. Please provide the Support Letter & CEA Assessment approval when you register for the RES course.