Foreign Qualifications

 PRIVATE or FOREIGN QUALIFICATIONS (high school or college certs, diplomas, degrees etc) will need to 
 have their qualifications assessed by CEA for purpose of determining whether the educational qualification  
 requirement is met. << CEA Assessment Form >> 


  1. Private or Foreign qualifications (high school or college certs, diploma,degree etc) 
  2. Academic transcript with full listing of subjects taken with grades indicated 
  3. Official explanatory notes with grading system (for foreign High school/College) 
  4. Translated copies (If medium used is non-English, you may approach your country's Embassy in Singapore to
      assist in translation)




  Qualification is in foreign language?
  Please approach your country's embassy in Singapore to get your qualification translated to English. Certificates with
  subjects with grades indicated must be in english (eg. SPM) 

  Qualification without transcript (s)? 
  We will advise you to approach your University to provide a transcript of the subjects you had taken in the course of
  your studies whether it is a Diploma or Degree. All documents should be in English. 

  How to submit your assessment?
  Please proceed to our office at Paya Lebar Square #13-23 S(409051) with your completed CEA assessment form
  and the necessary documents (we need to sight the Original certs). An admin fee of $64.20 is payable to CEA, we
  accept Cash/Nets at our office.

  When will your assessment be submitted to CEA?
  Assessments will be consolidated and submitted to CEA on every Tuesday only. If Tuesday falls on a Public
  Holiday, it will be submitted on the next working day.

  How long will it take for CEA to assess your Qualification?
  Usually it takes 15 or more working days (excludes Sat,Sun & PH). CEA will email you directly with the results of the
  assessment. During this period if you have further clarifications please call CEA directly hotline: 1800 643 2555

  What to do next after you get your approval?
  Please do an online registration for the RES course and submit your CEA approval to us. Only Foreigners (non-SPRs)
  will need to submit the Support Letter & CEA approval when registering for the RES course.


 Download CEA Assessment Form