About CPD


The CPD scheme was implemented by CEA to help estate agents and salespersons keep their knowledge up to date, be familiar with the relevant guidelines, government policies and procedures and the latest developments taking place in the industry. Click HERE to read the detailed CPD guidelines by CEA.

Why choose CPD activities conducted by SEAA?

Because we provide:

√ A wide selection of activities that impart relevant and updated knowledge and skills
   – Activities are categorized into Intermediate, Advanced and Management level to cater to the needs of new, experienced salespersons, KEOs and management equivalent

√ Qualified, experienced trainers
   – Practitioners, each with extensive real estate experience

√ Comprehensive notes
   – Easy to understand and extensive

√ Conducive and comfortable training facilities

   – Comfortable, equipped with proper tables and chairs

√ UTAP funding for our activities

   – Claim up to $250* of the activity fees per year if they are a NTUC Union Member. For more details on UTAP, click HERE

√ Preferred rates for Individual members and salespersons from corporate members
   – Members will get to enjoy preferred rates for our CPD activities

    *Terms & Conditions apply

How are the activity fees like for SEAA's CPD activities?



Associate member

Ordinary Member


Core Activities




Non-Core Activities




Special Courses 
(More than 3 hours)

Subject to courses

Subject to courses

Subject to courses

What are the CPD activities conducted by SEAA?

1) Click HERE to view our CORE CPD activities 

Core activities mainly cover subjects on the Government Regulations, policies and procedures relating to HDB and private property transactions, as well as the professional ethics aspects. These activities enhance the professional competency and effectiveness of the salespersons.

2) Click HERE to view our NON-CORE CPD activities

Non-core activities mainly cover subjects that raise the skills of salespersons, for example, marketing techniques, IT, managerial, supervisory and interpersonal skills.